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Shandong's lantern sets Guinness World Record

Xinhua    2019-01-27 20:32:00    

JINAN, Jan. 25 (Xinhua) -- A lantern being displayed Thursday night at a lantern show in eastern China's Shandong Province set a new world record for the largest standing lantern.

The plump pig-themed standing lantern is 18.6 meters high and 14.2 meters wide. Consisting of 13,000 LED lights, the spinning lantern was achieved by more than 20 people working over 40 days.

The lantern was awarded a Guinness World Records certificate Thursday.

The lantern show opened Thursday in the city of Zibo. More than 2,000 diverse lanterns are being exhibited along with the large pig lantern, attracting many visitors.

Zibo has a long history of lantern manufacturing and holding lantern shows.

Hao Bo, the organizer of the show, said that high-tech lighting has been widely used in modern lantern shows, combining science and technology with tradition.

Chinese people used to make lanterns out of bamboo and wood covered with paper or thin silk.

Editor:Yu Liang

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